Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of ediscovery, information management, and data recovery products and services, today announced three new, market-changing pricing models to meet customer demand for more ediscovery cost flexibility, transparency and predictability. From being able to choose a la carte software and services, to bundling what is needed for one flat fee, Kroll Ontrack is pricing its suite to not only be flexible and easy to understand, but completely predictable to forge the way for a more repeatable approach to the ediscovery process.

Kroll Ontrack’s suite of software and services is available on a per project basis or across all projects at the portfolio level. Customers no longer have to worry about data processing and filtering fees. Instead, Kroll Ontrack designed a continuum of options, including software and services a la carte pricing, bundled per gigabyte pricing, or an ediscovery portfolio subscription model. The portfolio model introduces the breakthrough concept of reusable capacity, which allows corporations and law firms with an expected level of ediscovery activity to purchase a fixed amount of ediscovery capacity, which can be reused by the customer as business needs arise. As additional projects come, ediscovery costs remain the same.