With the Bernd Nittnaus winery, the credit protection association welcomed its 27,000th member from 1870 and thus reached a new high.

Since it was founded 150 years ago, the members have been the heart of KSV1870. With the Bernd Nittnaus winery in Burgenland, it can now welcome its 27,000th member. The new record underlines again and again that the credit protection association of 1870 enjoys the broad trust of the Austrian economy.

Domestic companies of all industries and sizes rely on the strong partner KSV1870. Be it the one-person entrepreneur or the large international corporation: the credit protection association of 1870 stands by the side of the Austrian economy, even or especially in challenging times. As Austria’s leading business platform, it not only offers products in the areas of debt collection, credit reporting and insolvency, but also represents its members in relation to politics and other decision-makers.

Diverse membership structure:  The companies organized in KSV1870 operate in a very broad spectrum. “Coffee service providers, theaters and winegrowers – our last three anniversary members alone already show that the service of the KSV1870 is needed in all areas of the domestic economy. “I am delighted about the trust that our 27,000th member is now placing in the KSV1870 experts in the Bernd Nittnaus winery, ”says Ricardo-José Vybiral, MBA, Managing Director of KSV1870.

KSV1870 membership:  The oldest creditor protector has been a strong partner at the side of its members for 150 years. Free membership is still valid until the end of the year, which includes the areas of provision (credit information and monitoring), emergency assistance (debt collection and insolvency) and services (information and advisory services).

You can find more information about KSV1870 membership at www.ksv.at.

Additional News from KSV1870

Thomas Stropek Becomes the New Head of Finance and Purchasing at KSV1870

In addition to the operational business, his focus will be on the continuation of the digitization and automation of the department in general and, in particular, the upcoming SAP implementation.

The credit protection association of 1870 has for years – and continues to focus – on the topic of digitization. In order to further promote this important success factor of the 21st century in the finance and purchasing department, KSV1870 has brought Stropek, an experienced manager into the KSV1870 family. His task will be to continue along the path of digitization with the existing, experienced team of experts.

Stropek will, among other things, take on a central role in the ongoing SAP implementation in KSV1870. “We are very lucky to have won someone like Thomas Stropek for the KSV1870. I am particularly pleased that we can benefit from his extensive experience in implementing SAP in organizations, ”said Mag. Hannes Frech, CFO of KSV1870 Holding AG. The project, which has already started successfully, will be implemented in a first phase by the end of the year.

The future lies in automation: KSV1870 has ambitious plans for the next few years, which it will implement with the help of the existing experts and top managers, such as Mr. Stropek. “The SAP project is only the tip of the iceberg here. KSV1870 will continue to keep up with the times when it comes to automation and digitization, ”says Frech.

Source:   KSV1870 Press Release & KSV1870 Press Release