Gerhard Wagner (55) was appointed Managing Director of KSV1870 Information GmbH on April 1, 2018. He succeeds Roland Führer, who continues his career as Head of Region North and Head of Location Linz. Wagner will henceforth be responsible for the strategic direction of the KSV1870 Corporate and Private Information business units and will lead the company through the digital transformation in coordination with the KSV1870 Holding Executive Board.

“We will continue to support the companies with high-quality business and private information and network even more through strategic partnerships and cooperation. This with the aim to open further sales channels and to develop innovative products with new partners. In addition, we will adapt our product portfolio even more closely to the needs of our customers and supplement it with innovative digital services, “explains Gerhard Wagner.

The KSV1870 data privacy expert, who has been working since 1990, started his career in marketing and sales, before being appointed head of foreign services two years later with projects in Germany, Italy, Poland and Armenia. From 1993 Wagner took over various tasks within the KSV1870 Group as product manager and project manager, in which he acquired a broad range of expert knowledge. In 2002 Gerhard Wagner took over the department of private information. In 2006 he took over the management of the Customer Care Center at KSV1870.

Since 2008, Wagner was the authorized representative of KSV1870 Information GmbH responsible for the commercial and private databases of the house. Now, his path leads him to the top of the KSV1870 Information GmbH, which issues approximately 5.6 million credit reports annually. In addition, since 2007 Wagner has been a representative of the KSV1870 Group in the organization of the European Credit Reference Bureaus (ACCIS) and also as a lecturer on issues such as debt prevention and risk assessment.

“Thanks to his many years of experience and leadership responsibility, Gerhard Wagner knows the KSV1870 from many different perspectives, which means that he can bring his profound specialist knowledge to bear on his new role,” says KSV1870 board member Ricardo-José Vybiral, MBA.

Source: KSV1870 Press Release