wernick-ksv-mag-_dr-_roland_wernik250x375Roland Wernik, managing director of Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH, was elected president of KSV1870 during the board meeting on 15 September.  Together with management, he will, for the next three years represent KSV1870 and the interests of the business community at all levels.  As association president Roland Wernik has both controlling as well as an advisory role with the two vice-presidents.  Born in Salzburg, he succeeds Dr. Heinz Zinner, who has been the head of KSV1870 since 2001.

Roland Wernik, Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences,  is managing director of Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH, a group of companies that offers a wide range of services in the residential and Kommunalbaubereich.  Since 2003, he has been in the Council of Delegates of Volksbank Salzburg and since 2001 on the supervisory board of IMMO-BANK AG.KSV200

Source: KSV1870 Press Release