More than 100 guests from the business and political community attended the opening of the new office location at the Hellbrunner Straße 15 in Salzburg’s capital at the invitation of KSV1870 President Mag. Dr. Roland Wernik, MBA.

KSV1870 Managing Director Mag. Ricardo-José Vybiral, MBA spoke about the current business and credit conditions in the Austria in general and in the Salzburg region in particular.

According to a current economic analysis of KSV1870, 87 percent of the companies have a good credit rating and ratings are constantly improving.  “Economic development has not always been easy in recent years, so the result is even more encouraging.  Salzburg companies appear to be sound according to a KSV1870 survey, with 62 per cent of companies report a good or very good business record. “The mood is good and the upswing has arrived.  We are very pleased that we have been able to support our clients in the region since 1952 with our services and thus are able to contribute to the added value in the economy, “says Mag. Vybiral.

“The new office is not only a spatial change, but also the starting point to expand our activities in the federal state, to establish new co-operations and to better serve our customers,” explained KSV1870 President Roland Wernik.  Over the last ten years, the creditor protection association has supported the economy with 511,000 credit ratings, represented the interests of 24,500 creditors at 7,500 proceedings, and has taken over 60,000 bank deposits with a volume of 120 million euros. With these services, the KSV1870 team has made an important contribution to economic growth and loss prevention.

KSV1870 is poised to support its members in the future with modern decision analytics to identify and safeguard new business opportunities.

Source: KSV1870 Press Release