USA Trade Credit Climate:  The National Association of Credit Management’s (NACM) economic report for September 2012 managed to maintain most of the gain made in August. The slight drop of only half a percentage point implies some momentum will carry into the fall.

Europe: There has not been much that has changed in Europe. The powers that be are still engaged in all kinds of efforts to bail out the troubled and the weak but there are just as many inhibitions as there have always been.  The bottom line is that it is becoming politically impossible to continue with the austerity efforts at the current pace. Not only are governments risking their electoral future there is a real possibility of mass civil strife.

China:  Manufacturing Stabilizes:  One is the HSBC PMI which largely measures the health of smaller manufacturers in the country. The latest measurement from the HSBC report put the manufacturing PMI at 49.5, up from 47.9 in September.  The official Chinese PMI was also released this week and we got a similar trend. The PMI moved back to the positive side of the mark – hitting 50.2 points.

Source:  Armada Corporate Intelligence