Integration Gives Customers Seamless Access to ZoomInfo’s World-Class B2B Go-To-Market Intelligence

Leadspace, the leading business-to-business (B2B) customer data platform provider, and ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, has announced a strategic partnership. The partnership gives sales and marketing teams an unprecedented combination of B2B intelligence with enterprise-level data management and activation tools. Customers of Leadspace can now get access – via new connectors – to ZoomInfo’s leading B2B intelligence, so they can go to market more efficiently and effectively.

“We talk to many B2B companies that work with ZoomInfo and see tremendous value in their intelligence solutions,” said Amnon Mishor, Leadspace’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We’ve partnered with ZoomInfo on some strategic clients and proven the added benefits of the Leadspace platform in being able to unify other data and intelligence with the ZoomInfo data, then activate it across channels. It’s really the best of all worlds for our customers.”

“Every B2B enterprise can benefit from the new Leadspace and ZoomInfo integration,” said Chris Hays, ZoomInfo’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We believe making our data available through a leading customer data platform (CDP) for unification and activation is the new frontier for B2B sales and marketing, and it’s a great way for customers to see even greater return on their investment in data.”

Leadspace and ZoomInfo have built a platform-level integration that will enable users of both to seamlessly access and activate data and intelligence that had previously been locked in silos. The Leadspace CDP brings a data-agnostic, artificial intelligence-powered, cross-channel infrastructure, while ZoomInfo brings the world-class data that go-to-market teams need to connect and engage with customers.

Several joint customers are preparing to deploy the new integration. Many of them have pointed to increased productivity and time saved in sales planning and prospecting, as well as expanded visibility into whitespace and more pipeline as key expected benefits from the partnership.

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About Leadspace

Leadspace is the leading B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) helping companies take back control of their data and empowering marketing, sales and operations teams accelerate growth through accurate, personalized engagement across all channels. With the most robust and open B2B data engine in the industry, sophisticated AI, a proprietary graph of B2B personas, and activations across the go-to-market tech stack, customers like Microsoft, American Express, Zoom, and many more use Leadspace to power more data-driven and effective inbound marketing, outbound targeting, and ABM efforts. Leadspace is based in San Francisco and Israel and is trusted by more than 200 B2B brands including 7 of the world’s top 10 enterprise software companies.

Source:  ZoomInfo Press Release