The LEI ROC Organization has announced the launch on 1 May 2017 of the collection of information on the direct and ultimate parents of legal entities.

A majority of Local Operating Units (LOUs) have implemented parent entity data collection as planned. These LOUs cover more than 82 percent of managed LEIs. As of 9 May the other LOUs still expected some delays in the implementation of this capability, generally for a few weeks or months.  For the time being, these LOUs will continue to manage existing LEIs and to issue new LEIs. However, as of today, no porting of LEIs to these LOUs will be allowed until they implement the parent entity data collection. The ROC will monitor closely their implementation plans and notes that the full implementation of GLEIS standards is a condition of LOUs’ future accreditation.

To read the announcement, please click on this link: 20170509 LEI ROC Publication

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