Consumer Credit Report RepairLexington Law, a US based consumer advocacy law firm and trusted leader in credit report repair, launched PremierPlus today, providing a comprehensive service level that goes beyond simple credit report repair to provide real FICO® Scores, and industry-leading features designed to improve, monitor and protect a client’s financial identity, standing and reputation.

“Our highest priority is making sure our clients have an affordable solution to ensure a fair and accurate credit report,” said John Heath, Directing Attorney of Lexington Law, “but our dedication doesn’t stop there. With PremierPlus, we aim to provide our clients with a full analysis of their credit and financial situation so they can achieve their goals faster.”

In addition to existing services — including credit bureau challenges, legal interventions with creditors, and credit monitoring — Lexington Law’s new PremierPlus service level adds monthly FICO® Scores and analysis, identity theft alerts, financial management tools, and additional legal interventions for abusive third-party debt collectors.

Clients can view all analysis and progress reports on a single dashboard.

Lexington Law provides multiple service levels for its customers, all providing essentials of ethical credit report repair. Lexington Law acts as a consumer advocate, “fighting for every client’s legal right to a fair and accurate credit profile.” All service levels include credit bureau communications, legal interventions, and same-day consultations.

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