LexisNexis has announced the acquisition of State Net, one of the leading state legislative tracking services. State Net collects, normalizes and editorially enhances all bills introduced in the 50 US state legislatures, the District of Columbia and the US Congress, as well as all agency regulations from every state.  State Net has a long track record, with 40 years of experience collecting and distributing information about the progress of legislation through state legislatures.

Outsell’s David Curle, Director & Lead Analyst stated in his recent insight: “Today’s users of State Net among LexisNexis’ customer base are primarily researchers, and many use State Net as an archive more than a real time information source or workflow tool.  With this deal, LexisNexis has the opportunity to expand that user base to the compliance, policy, and government affairs professionals who need not only access to the legislative information, but also to analytical tools that State Net has developed and that LexisNexis plans to continue to develop.  Examples of such tools include predictive modeling, which helps users estimate the likelihood of a bill’s passage in a given state legislature.” Source:  Outsell Inc.