LexisNexis®, a provider of legal and risk management solutions, today announced the availability of LexisNexis® Collect Point, a new comprehensive hosted receivables management platform for facilitating the collections workflow. Accessed through the internet as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the new solution improves workflow and receivables management, while also helping reduce the cost of collecting outstanding debt. Collect Point is designed for any company performing collections, including retailers, government agencies, utility companies, collections agencies, debt buyers, and collection attorneys.

Collect Point is customizable for specific business needs by implementing any or all of its three component modules, or by integrating other existing LexisNexis Solutions.

  • Web Agent – A virtual payment portal featuring a customizable avatar that can be personalized based on business specifications.

  • Web Collections Manager – Technology that helps organizations improve collection workflow through online receivables management and collection tools to process payments and improve client relations.

Vendor Management – A file delivery and tracking capabilities platform that enables customers to send and receive data files with their outside partners/suppliers.  Source: Euroinvestor