Intuitive home inspection technology infused with industry-leading data analytics gives U.S. insurers comprehensive risk insights for underwriting and claims workflows, and consumers
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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, part of RELX, has announced it has acquired Flyreel, a Denver-based property insurtech that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable self-service property inspections, which provide additional visibility into a property’s interior and exterior to improve and automate new business and renewal underwriting and claims processes. Flyreel will become part of the insurance business within LexisNexis Risk Solutions, complementing the insurance data and analytics leader’s existing breadth of data assets and models that help assess risk for a structure’s inhabitants and location.

Flyreel uses proprietary computer vision technology to guide a home or business owner through a comprehensive property scan via the policyholder’s smartphone. Using the Flyreel app, consumers effortlessly capture interior and exterior property features. The insights are digitized, verified and delivered into insurance carriers’ workflows, eliminating the need for an onsite visit.

“Insurers need a modern solution for the home inspection process that reduces costs, gives them the insight they need to underwrite and improve loss ratios, and offers a convenient, intelligent customer experience,” said Bill Madison, CEO, Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “By combining Flyreel’s innovative capabilities with our vast data analytics assets, we will create a transformative platform for property risk assessment that offers insurers comprehensive underwriting insights and more effectively identifies the properties that need inspections at renewal. The benefits are game-changing.”

Among the benefits, insurers can more effectively determine the appropriate premium for each property scanned, improve loss ratios by identifying critical hazards upfront, reduce premium leakage by capturing details about insurable assets and simplify the inspection process for improved property owner satisfaction.

Flyreel’s technology also benefits consumers with a better customer experience by alleviating their scheduling headaches, improving a consumer’s understanding of their home or business risks and creating a record of their possessions in the event of a future claim.

Cole Winans, CEO of Flyreel, added, “We’re incredibly proud of the innovation we’ve brought to the insurance industry. Comprehensive interior and exterior property analytics and consumer-grade experiences are foundational to the present and future of insurance. With its strong history of delivering transformative insurance solutions, LexisNexis Risk Solutions accelerates our path while amplifying our ability to deliver new solutions and value to the market. We look forward to applying our combined capabilities to continue solving industry challenges and doing even more together across lines of business.”

About Flyreel

Flyreel is the leading provider of insurance-specific AI solutions to residential and commercial property insurers. Flyreel provides insurers Total Property Understanding™ through the delivery of comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date interior and exterior property analytics. Powered by proprietary machine learning and computer vision technology, Flyreel’s mobile “Property Assistant” guides consumers through property inspections and claim surveys without requiring an onsite visit and while automatically capturing business-critical data and analytics to expedite and improve insurance outcomes across underwriting and claims. Flyreel is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

Source:  LexisNexis Risk Solutions Press Release