LexisNexis Risk Solutions announced its global alliance with POOL4TOOL, a leading procurement software vendor, to provide data that will help reduce supply chain risk and deliver world-class compliance management tools.

POOL4TOOL specializes in facilitating communication between systems and is among the leading solution providers on the international market, due to its high level of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration capabilities. For LexisNexis Risk Solutions, this alliance will help deliver an efficient and reliable way for customers to assess the compliance and risk of supply chain vendors, from the vast quantities of data available.

According to The Hackett Group’s Supply Risk Management Performance Study, for most companies, the most critical aspect of any supply risk management program is ensuring supply continuity. This includes guarding against supply bottlenecks, logistical issues, low stock and unexpected breakdowns. The second most critical driver for creating a supply risk management program is to ensure regulatory compliance.

About:  POOL4TOOL is a global leader in Direct Procurement software which helps customers get the most out of eSourcing, Supplier Management and more. The all-in-one software can be built step-by-step. Connecting seamlessly to ERP, it uses workflows as unique as its users.  With expertise from 15 years of partnership with manufacturing industries, the company is developing cognitive procurement. Over 300 customers worldwide use the platform to connect to a network of more than 300,000 suppliers.

Source: LexisNexis Press Release