Helping Automakers Identify, Locate and Contact Current Owners of Recalled Vehicles  –  Recall Notification Uses Proprietary Linking Technology to Correct Disparities Among Hard-to-Find Secondary Market Vehicle Owners

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a leading provider of data, analytics, and technology for automakers and insurers, has announced the launch of LexisNexis® Recall Clarity, a solution that assists auto manufacturers in the owner identification process for safety-related recalls. According to the NHTSA, over 1,000 recalls were issued in 2018 affecting more than 35 U.S. million motorists. In the event of a recall, customer outreach teams are tasked with getting vehicles repaired by finding recalled vehicle owners and leading them to the dealership for service. This process has become increasingly more difficult due to changes in vehicle ownership on secondary markets. With more than 40 million used cars sold in the U.S. each year, compounded by the fact that more than 45 million people move each year, the need for an efficient way of notifying the owner of a recall, which in some cases can be life-threatening, is crucial.

By combining propriety linking technology and unique identifier LexID®, Recall Clarity leverages billions of records from over ten thousand data sources to provide valuable data and insights to help recall customer outreach teams identify, locate and contact the right owner of those hard to find recalled vehicles. There are an estimated 57 million unrepaired vehicles on American roads today, so the benefit of increased clarity will ultimately serve as a measurable result when examining repair completion rates.

The solution aids in the reduction of organizational risk of non-compliance, while helping automakers increase efficiencies when analyzing campaign costs. Recall Clarity can meet the specific campaign outreach needs of an automaker by offering options around email addresses, mobile phone numbers and secondary home data. Leveraging a high level of scalability over 280 million unique identities across all 50 states, Recall Clarity enables dealer-based campaigns to support automaker efforts regarding current safety and recall campaigns reinforcing a strong brand message of safety across the board.

The cascade of benefits that this solution brings will notably come down to those directly impacted by recalls, the consumer. By having a more robust contact database that connects OEMs with owners, the improved rate of meaningful contact by outreach centers can lead to increased completion of repairs, safer owners, safer roadways and peace of mind for auto manufacturers, dealers and their customers.

Source: LexisNexis Press Release