LexisNexis Risk Solutions opens access to Global Telematics Exchange with launch of Software Development Kit

In a major development for the global telematics market, insurance providers building their own customer facing websites, apps and notifications for telematics programs can now simply and cost-effectively plug into the LexisNexis® Global Telematics Platform and build innovative applications with the launch of one of the first Software Development Kits (SDK) for the usage-based insurance market.

David Lukens, Director of Telematics and Global Products, Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions said: “The SDK demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers’ growth in the telematics market given the complexity of such a project, as well as our expertise and drive to keep innovating to ensure our customers are at a competitive advantage.

This development is set to help insurance companies grow their market share more swiftly and more profitably through new products for new consumer segments, by enhancing an existing product, or by using better information to improve segmentation.

The LexisNexis Risk Solutions Software Development Kit helps solve:

Cost – the insurance provider can access and build applications on the LexisNexis Global Telematics Platform (GTP) without the cost of developing a whole technical architecture and hosting environment to mirror the GTP.

Scale – the SDK empowers insurers and brokers with the proven big data platform built by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, including our robust security and privacy practices.

Speed of Development – by leveraging the company’s pre-built platform technology and data management services, insurance providers can focus on consumer facing elements, design and delivery. They can simply add driver scoring and driver safety features to their existing applications.

Data Treatment & Consistency – different devices deliver data at different frequencies and formats. The LexisNexis analytics team solves this problem for insurers by normalizing data from different sources, including auto manufacturers.

About LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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Source: LexisNexis Risk Solutions