LexisNexis® launched a new practice area module in its rich Practical Guidance portfolio with Enterprise Compliance Management module for E-commerce that provides comprehensive and up-to-date legal information and practical know-how on all aspects related to compliance needs for an E-commerce business.

Mr. Shreesh Chandra, Senior Director, Content Creation & Acquisition, LexisNexis India-South Asia, said, “Enterprise Compliance Management is a module focused on the industry-specific and state-specific compliances. The module on ECM-Ecommerce covers all aspects related to Licensing & Registration Requirements, Duties of Intermediaries and subscribers, Compliances for telemarketers, Electronic Payments, Compliances on Packaging, Warehouse, etc. In addition to the industry-specific compliances, which spreads over from the registrations and ongoing compliances applicable to an industry, it additionally covers the state-specific legislations that are required to be complied with under different segments of law like labor and employment, municipal laws, and environment and health.”

Ms. Preeti Arora, Associate Director, Practical Guidance, said, “Practical Guidance is a web-based solution and the first of its kind in India, providing users with online access to guidance material and commentary authored by expert practitioners in their field. This module is specifically produced by a dedicated internal team of lawyers in partnership with Legasis, an acknowledged leader in Compliance and Ethics, Litigation Management, Intellectual Property and other legal support solutions in India. The content is varied including checklists, legislation, step-by-step processes, document precedents and direct links to relevant external content at their fingertips.”

Source : PR.COM