Initial Results Show Daily High of 110 Million User Matches Across 8 Billion Bid Requests

Index Exchange announced early results of its integration with LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP) IdentityLink™.   Publishers can expect increased spend, bid density and higher CPMs as more marketers leverage this buying framework. Consumers can expect faster load times with reduced browser network calls on publishers that leverage the IX Wrapper due to intelligent caching designs, network-effects enabled by LiveRamp’s participation in the Advertising ID Consortium, as well as cross-device opt-out persistence.

Currently, publishers using the IX Wrapper can take advantage of the benefits LiveRamp’s IdentityLink provides. LiveRamp recently announced DSPs can receive free, perpetual access to its identity graph via IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding, increasing the number of platforms which can now transact on people-based media in real time. Additionally, the IX Wrapper makes the encrypted IdentityLink available for all Adapters within the Wrapper.  Adapters that support the IDL Translator can consume an encrypted IDL and append this data to their bid requests.

About Index Exchange
Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies sell their ad impressions with accountability and in real-time. Built on the pillars of neutrality, openness, and the most reliable technology, Index is the ad exchange that media companies trust. With no other business interests to divide its attention, Index’s sole focus remains on connecting media companies with premium demand at massive scale.

The IX Wrapper is a header bidding product for publishers that maximizes advertising revenue by increasing real-time demand inside of the publishers’ ad server, bringing their inventory into a unified, open, accountable auction framework. Visit Index Exchange at or @indexexchange.

About the IDL Translator
The LiveRamp real-time translator enables IdentityLinks (IDLs) in real-time bidding (RTB) bid requests for Supply-Side Platforms (SSP). The translator allows an SSP to provide Demand-Side Platform-specific IdentityLinks that can be utilized for evaluating the value of the impression in RTB bid requests.

Source: Globe Newswire