IPG, PMG, Goodway First to Offer People-Based Marketing Directly to Clients

Marks Completion of LiveRamp’s Ecosystem-wide Identity Resolution Platform

LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, announced the launch of IdentityLink™ for agencies. This solution allows agencies to scale people-based marketing capabilities across platforms and channels for their clients. The launch also marks the completion of a multi-year initiative to provide all of the key players in the marketing ecosystem – brands, technology platforms, data owners, publishers, and now agencies – with a universal, people-based identifier that can be used to collaboratively improve the efficacy of marketing and provide consumers with a more consistent experience across channels.

IdentityLink is the first solution to allow agencies to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns by applying people-based targeting and measurement in their technology platforms of choice, as well as access and integrate thousands of cross-device data sets. These capabilities enable agencies to support marketers’ growing interest in people-based marketing–a study from Morar Research indicates 84 percent of marketers want to unify their people-based marketing strategies across all digital channels. Additionally, the solution allows agencies to build innovative products and services for clients on top of LiveRamp’s deterministic identity resolution capabilities.

IdentityLink enables agencies to:

  • Execute people-based planning, buying and measurement for any client regardless of their technology stack
  • Better manage consumer reach and frequency across channels
  • Enrich people-based audiences with data from more than 120 unique providers

Source: Businesswire.com