Big data dramatically expands IT’s scope of responsibility with new data types, new methods of analysis, new storage and processing platforms, and new user expectations.  Now that we have almost a decade of experience with big data, a set of best practices has emerged that can be described in detail.

Courtesy of Informatica Hong Kong BIIA has received a white paper by the Kimball Group which explores big data best practices spanning four categories including management, architecture, modeling and governance. Some of the best practices are recognizable extensions from the EDW/BI world, but others are wholly new insights unique to big data.

To read the full story click on the attachment:  02181_big-data-emerging-best-practices_wp_en-US

BIIA comment: Your editor is getting questions concerning the application of BIG DATA in consumer and commercial credit information.  One comment from a member was that BIG DATA may become relevant in 5 to 10 years.  Your editor was shocked!
The time is now.  BIG DATA is already being used by new business information startups in the marketing (CRM) verticals and since it involves company data it will only be a stone through away from consumer and commercial credit information.   BIG DATA will be an opportunity for our industry, however it will spawn new competition from players currently not in our space.  It will be an entirely new ball game.