Manchester-based FinTech firm Hello Soda has announced its expansion to South East Asia.  According to a statement, the company’s new FinTech venture will operate out of Bangkok and Singapore and will specifically target key economies in the area.

Speaking about the expansion, James Blake, CEO and founder of the Hello Soda group, said:  “There are big opportunities in Asia for us as a company. For example, in Indonesia, there are 60 million people who don’t have a credit footprint. “Lenders and financial intermediaries, such as brokers, insurers and asset managers, need ways to carry out ID verification and assess customer risk; this is where Hello Soda steps in. We are helping to pioneer a revolution using big data analytics which will help our South East Asian businesses innovate and take major steps forward within their sectors,” he added.

Hello Soda Asia will focus on financial services – including banking, insurance, consumer and SME finance – telco, retail, gaming and tenant vetting.  The news comes after the firm opened an office in New York in September last year.

Source: Tech City News