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  • EU-US ‘data protection umbrella agreement’
    • Further to and EU-US summit, the President of the European Council issued a statement regarding an agreement relating to the equal treatment of both EU and US citizens. A joint statement by the US and EU leaders stated that they are committed to ‘expedite negotiations of a meaningful and comprehensive data protection umbrella agreement for data exchanges in the field of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, including terrorism. We reaffirm our commitment in these negotiations to work to resolve the remaining issues, including judicial redress.’
  • Progress on EU data protection reform
    • Further to the European Parliament vote on the 12th March supporting the data protection reform (621 votes in favour, 10 against and 22 abstentions) the European Commission has confirmed next steps are to negotiate with the Council of the EU once the council’s position has been defined.
  • Direct marketing – concerns about EU data protection reform
    • The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) continues to express concerns about the proposed data protection reforms further to the vote this month to adopt, what the DMA calls, a ‘less business-friendly version of the Data Protection Regulation’.
  • Data privacy – a “critical brand differentiator”
    • A survey has shown that data privacy is a “critical brand differentiator” for businesses looking at customer acquisition. Consumers’ decisions to share information are driven by trust and transparency.
  • Information Commissioner Office’s Corporate Plan (United Kingdom)
  • Tackling nuisance calls (United Kingdom)
  • Health care data protection audits (United Kingdom)
  • Scottish referendum debate (United Kingdom)
  • Recent data breaches (United Kingdom)
  • European Commission update 
    • This section provides an EU update from a Regulatory Strategies’ partner, Newgate Public Relations, in Brussels, and provides an insight into the progress of the EU’s draft data protection regulation.

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