Mayfield Media Strategies and Business Strategies Group have formed a partnership to help exhibition organisers in Asia market themselves for sale to international purchasers.

Mayfield Media are the leading specialist acquisition brokers for the exhibition industry.  Over the past 15 years, they have helped many independent organisers sell their businesses or set up joint ventures with international partners.  Mayfield Media have facilitated transactions all-round the globe including in the UK, Mainland Europe, Australia and the Middle East and are increasingly working with entrepreneurs in emerging markets such as Turkey where they have completed five transactions in the last couple of years.

Business Strategies Group (BSG) is the only market intelligence and strategy-consulting firm in Asia focused on business media, information and events. Based in Hong Kong and founded in 2000, its services include research, market intelligence, mergers and acquisition support and strategy development. BSG publishes regular reports on all aspects of B2B media in Asia.

Business Strategies Group (BSG) is a co-founder of BIIA