Graydon International is a leading provider of credit information on companies all over the world. Any company dealing with credit risks, such as credit insurers, banks, exporters and other trading companies can benefit from Graydon’s knowledge and experience. Graydon’s credit information helps to reduce credit risks and provides full insight in the creditworthiness of potential and current business partners.

Graydon credit information is up to date and reliable. Its credit reports are easily read in English and delivered at competitive prices. There are no pre-paid subscription charges and one can pay by invoice or online or by credit card. It’s that simple.

Graydon International offers more than high quality credit reports from all over the world. Graydon credit information also available in XML data that enables users to integrate Graydon data into their own financial IT systems or network. Last but not least, Graydon can offer tailor made solutions like credit decisions software based on users own credit rules.

With more than 100 years experience and knowledge, Graydon is a well known supplier in Europe’s markets and is gaining increased recognition as an international supplier of credit information in the rest of the world. Today, Graydon’s international network of databases contains over 60 million companies relying on a worldwide network of correspondents and distributors.

Graydon International is an initiative of the Graydon Group, owned by Atradius, the leading credit insurance organizations.