It is an alliance of independently owned local Creditreform companies.  The Creditreform alliance was established in Germany in 1879. At the beginning the alliance only consisted of national information offices and and gradually became an international organization.

The Creditreform alliance has one of the most significant databank in Europe. It has information about more than three million companies, the offices belonging to the alliance are employ more than 3700 people. The turnover of the alliance reached EUR 500 million in 2004.

The internationalism of the classifying credit report service means guarantee for all clients because the standardized classifying and data publication provides that a local and a foreign client would interpret the received information in the same way.

Minimising the risk of bad debts in international business and clarifying debt collection and related legal issues on the spot with the help of local specialists – that is the task Creditreform International has set itself.

Products and Services:

Credit Reports: Trust is good, but credit checks are better. Do you have doubts about the solvency of your new business partner? As a Creditreform member you can access important company data about your business partner from our database in just one click. The German database consists of 3.6 million reports.

Accounts Receivable Management Services: Efficient accounts receivable management secures liquidity! Whether you want to outsource your total dunning procedure or just recover a few debts, our web debt collection service offers you the comfortable option of processing and following up your debt collection requests online.

Marketing Services: Are you looking for new clients? We offer various databases on CD-Rom or DVD, which allow you to select customers from your target groups in Austria, Germany or Europe and use them for marketing campaigns.

Credit Risk Management: As your customer base increases, it becomes more important to make automatic credit decisions in order to reduce the risk of bad debts. Our product portfolio offers intelligent solutions including „CrefoScore“ for Windows, „CrefoSprint“ for SAP R/3, APPC and file transfer interface, risk analysis and score cards as well as an exchange pool for payment experiences(ZaC).

Creditreform Rating: The demand for internal financial analysis are constantly increasing. A Creditreform rating signalises creditworthiness, increases trust in business partners and serves as a good basis for reasoning at the bank when discussing your finance options.

Creditreform maintains offices in 14 European countries.