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Cerved Group is the leading Italian information provider and one of the main European Credit Rating Agencies.  It offers to companies and financial institutions, products and services aimed at the assessment of solvency, credit worthiness and the financial structure of companies or its commercial partners.

The company operates in three business sectors: Credit Information, in which area the company is the largest in Italy, offering support services for the provision and monitoring of financial business loans; it involves the collection, processing and distribution of proprietary information of a commercial, accounting, economic, financial and legal nature; Marketing Solutions, in which area the company offers services to help clients in analysing the market and the competitive environment; and Credit Management, where the company offers solutions for the assessment and management of non-performing loan portfolios.

The company acts as a partner  to  guide  managers,  entrepreneurs and professionals both in financial assessment  and  decision-making and in marketing strategies, providing a detailed picture of the real economy, thanks to an articulated, in-depth knowledge of the Italian entrepreneurial system.

The data are analysed and cross-checked with sophisticated software and transformed into valuable information about the solidity and reliability of companies and individuals, in addition to the general risk level of the sectors in which they operate.

Key information

  • Over 34,400 customers chose Cerved Group services, among 90% of Top 50 Italian financial institutions and over 80% of Top 1,000 Italian companies;
  • Over 40 years of data on approximately 15,000,000 of corporates and 20,000,000 of persons in the archives;
  • More than 1,200 employees divided into 16 territorial districts;
  • € 313,5m – the amount of revenues in FY2013
  • € 151,5m – the EBITDA of the FY2013
  • Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (Ticker Symbol: CERV)

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