BOL is the leader in business decision-making solutions of Thailand

Business Online Public Company Limited, BOL, provides full-service business verification support: company’s information search, creditability check, business analysis and debts collection. Established in 1995, BOL has been cooperating with Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce to provide basic information on more than 720,000 companies registered in Thailand.

Users can search and check marketing and credit information of their target companies via, the largest business portal website in the country ready to offer correct and reliable information.

In 1998, BOL has expanded its network to international level through a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) the world’s leader in providing business credit information.
Equipped with more than 160 years of experiences plus database of 90 million companies in 214 countries worldwide.

The partnership, hence, enhances BOL potentiality as a leading business information services provider in Thailand . With a complete and sophisticated database, in addition to afore said services available to customers, BOL is now capable of providing thorough analysis on companies, not only those registered in Thailand but around the world.

In 2000, BOL has entered into credit bureau business as one of the major shareholders and a technological provider to the credit bureau.

The Company aims to be a leading provider of business decision solution, which offers data analysis and verified information to improve its clients’ decision-making process. The Company continuously develops and improving its existing database and online computer system, as well as searches for information from additional sources. In order to provide the highest possible benefit to clients in their decision-making, the Company intends to provide value-added products and services, i.e. more complex analysis and verification of data which will focus on reducing risk and increasing business opportunities of clients. Tentative projects of the Company include developing a database management system and offering new types of information services with the aim to expand its market to the international level.