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The economy is an enormous network

People, companies, and institutions are nodes that are linked to each other through countless connections. And there are new ones joining every day.

The knowledge of these connections is extremely valuable for all business areas. Palturai shares this knowledge with you. Simple, fast, and structured. In precise details or as a whole picture. As a graph or a text. And at your request, these can be seamlessly integrated into all existing processes and systems.

Where we come from – and where we want to go

Palturai is an independent start-up headed by leaders of German credit bureaus.

We connect businesses.

Our vision is a global network which establishes connections between companies, institutions and decision-makers and makes them transparent. This enables our customers to leverage this wealth of data for their own businesses and gain unique, profitable insights, where the knowledge of connections and inter-dependencies of business partners proves invaluable in many ways.

Since 2014, we have been pursuing our goals with cutting-edge technologies, strong foundations, and highly motivated people. Contributing to this are our personal connections with great colleagues, great customers and great partners.

Our customers: Who we work for

Palturai customers come from many industries. Not only in banking and insurance, but companies both large and small in areas such as technology, industrial, and publishing benefit from our unique solutions as well. The spectrum ranges from major banking corporations to medium-sized companies all the way down to small television stations.

We have noticed a shift in our solution interest – while most customers were initially interested in functionalities related to sales & marketing, there is now more emphasis on compliance, risk, and fraud. We would be happy to share references with you upon request.

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