Ratingplatform logo_color RPRATINGPLATFORM has been created to provide a unique global platform for ratings and assessments from high-reputable qualified sources. It is an initiative supported by the European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (“EACRA”) and has therefore European roots. Given the international environment for CRAs, where new legislation is being implemented in several countries and regions, RATINGPLATFORM’s target is to provide guidance to all users of ratings across jurisdictions.

In order to take into account the variety of business models of CRAs (issuer-pays, investor-pays), RATINGPLATFORM has implemented a four level disclosure policy ranging (public information, for registered users, pay per view and subscription). This dislcosure policy is implemented on the level of the issuer name (rated entity), the rating and the reports. CRAs can choose to what extend the information is publicly available or only accessible to registered users or subscribers. Please note that CRAs may use RATINGPLATFORM as an entry gate to their services – you may therefore find here only a selection of the full range of services.

Information available at RATINGPLATFORM is usually directly provided and mantained by the respective source. In some cases, RATINGPLATFORM monitors ratings from additional sources – this shall be duly marked.

According to the European Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies, Agencies disclose their ratings on a defined scale, according to their own standards (see Transparency). In addition, CRAs base their ratings on their own rating methodologies and their own procedures. The terminology used differs from agency to agency, RATINGPLATFORM is flexible enough to adapt through the use of own standards in order to make the information comparable on a cross-border basis.

Over time, the services of RATINGPLATFORM will expand: we will introduce a payment system, so that you can buy all rating reports directly here. In addition, RATINGPLATFORM will invite agencies across the globe to publish their ratings also here. Please register already now to our newsletter in order to get updated on any developments.

Source:  Ratingplatform