iStock_000019536561SmallThe European Union is in the process of defining a new European Data Protection Regulation, designed, at least in its current form, to provide individuals and some would argue companies (more of that later) with new rights to control who can have access to their data and what they can do with it. In its current form as a regulation, if enacted, it would provide a common privacy law across all member states of the EU and would seek to enforce its provisions on companies outside the EU who process or manage information relating to EU citizens and companies.

If you are a BIIA member residing in the EU or based outside the EU and process personal data of EU residents BIIA recommends that you read this document carefully!  The paper covers the anticipated changes and their potential Implications for the Business Information Industry.

Phil Cotter, BIIA’s deputy managing director and contributing editor offers his observation about the pending changes underway and what they mean for the business information industry.

To read the full document, please click on this link: EU Data Protection Regulation102013 final