Mike BradfordMike Bradford, Regulatory Strategies and BIIA expert on privacy and data protection, provides an EU update from a Regulatory Strategies’ partner, Newgate Public Relations, in Brussels, and provides an insight into the progress of the EU’s draft data protection regulation.

Several members have raised the question about what next.  The latest update and conversations with other people close to this subject indicates a “tough road ahead”.   The Germans, who are most fanatical about data protection, are raising concerns as indicated by this quote by the German Secretary of State, Ole Schröder:   “This proposal involves replacing all of the German consumer rights on data protection, which is around 100 pages, and we therefore have to be careful that our high standards remain.”

The Greek have now assumed the EU presidency and appear to have no appetite to make data protection their priority.  Stay tuned …

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This update is provided by Mike Bradford,  BIIA’s expert on privacy and data protection. He can be reached at: mike.bradford@regulatorystrategies.co.uk or www.regulatorystrategies.co.uk