BIIA News AdvocacyMember Regulatory Update:  Proposals on SME Credit Information to be included in the Capital Markets Union Action Plan

For your information I am attaching a copy of BIIA’s letter to the European Commission about the proposals on SME credit information to be included in the EU’s Capital Market Action Plan (due to be issued at the end of this month).  Many of the points raised in this letter were presented by BIIA in a recent EU workshop on the same subject and have been developed in conjunction with our colleagues at ACCIS.  To download the paper click on this link: SME Credit Information Letter to CMU Unit EC 150915 Final

This is a follow up to recent activities:

  1. The EU Commission’s Green Paper on Building a Capital Markets Union and BIIA’s response.
  2. The EU Commission workshop on SME credit information held in May 2015 (see BIIA alert to the membership)

BIIA remains committed to represent its members in future workshops and discussion with the EU Commission.  The lead person in this regard is Neil Munroe, who has recently joined BIIA’s regulatory committee (see announcement).