His critical message is that we are now less than a year away from what is undoubtedly fundamental reform to how we use data.   From 25 May next year all organisations must be fully GDPR compliant.  There is no ‘grace period’.

This month we saw what the press is picking up on – see https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/data-protection-changes-provide-safeguards-and-business-opportunities-vs3c5vtpm.

This perhaps gives an early indication of what the press sees as the big consumer / business issues and is a useful signpost for what will become a potential media hobbyhorse over the coming months.  Note the reference to data portability in the article.  We see this as being something that will be a headline – it is one of the key consumer empowerment changes under GDPR.

We are heavily involved with a number of clients helping them prepare for GDPR – time is becoming critical for what in some cases will require a major overhaul of policies, procedures, systems and controls, not just to ensure compliance but to minimise business and commercial impact.

To read his June 2017 Newsletter click on this link:  Newsletter – June 2017

Courtesy of Mike Bradford
Regulatory Strategies Ltd