Moody’s Japan K.K. (MJKK) is launching a new private credit rating product in Japan, the Private Monitored Rating (PMR). The PMR will deliver all the benefits of a full credit analysis to issuers on a private and confidential basis.

The PMR will provide customers with analytical insight into their credit quality through a definitive, private credit rating assigned at the entity or institutional level. The PMR will be generated through the same analytical processes and using the same rating methodologies as MJKK’s public credit ratings, but will be delivered on a private and confidential basis solely for the customer’s internal use and benefit. Any prospective Fundamental customer that does not already have a published Moody’s credit rating is eligible to apply for a PMR from MJKK.

“MJKK is pleased launch the PMR product in Japan to meet a demand from prospective Japanese customers who have a growing interest and preference for independent credit analysis for internal purposes and benchmarking,” says Matt Donohue, Senior Vice President – Product Management at Moody’s Investors Service.

The PMR could also significantly benefit customers contemplating near term, rated debt issuances in capital markets, by helping to reduce financing execution timetables. The product enables customers to develop an analytical relationship with MJKK through the PMR analytical process.

Source: Moody’s