Perhaps the motives are diversification or Moody’s wants to become a ‘saint’ again.  Moody’s recently set up a Website to offer education services free of charge for SMEs.   Today Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) announced that it has acquired CSI Global Education Inc. (CSI), Canada’s leading provider of financial learning, credentials, and certification.  

CSI will operate within Moody’s Analytics, strengthening Moody’s capabilities for delivering credit training programs, research and analytical services, and risk management software to financial institutions worldwide.   Moody’s purchased CSI for C$155 million (US$151.4 million). CSI will continue to operate under the CSI Global Education name. The company’s management team, staff and operations will continue to be based in Toronto.   As credit rating services become more and more hamstrung by regulations, the latest Moody’s acquisition points to a broadening of its service spectrum.  Source: Moody’s Press Release

BIIA Newsletter November II – 2010 Issue