Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) announced the acquisition of Acquire Media (AM), an aggregator and distributor of curated real-time news, multimedia, data, and alerts, from Naviga, Inc., a leading provider of content engagement solutions for the global media industry.

The acquisition advances Moody’s Analytics’ (MA) position as a leader in Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions by strengthening its ability to provide early warning and real-time insight to market participants.

AM’s patented technology platform ingests information from over 18,000 global content sources, including media outlets, blogs, websites, government regulatory commissions, and social media, then distributes curated real-time feeds and alerts to customers across the financial services, corporate and media sectors.

“Acquire Media plays an integral role in the dissemination of real-time news and information,” said Stephen Tulenko, President of Moody’s Analytics. “The acquisition bolsters our ability to provide customers with counterparty screening and surveillance, as well as early warning insights to help them make better decisions.”

The transaction complements both Moody’s 2017 acquisition of company data and analytical software provider Bureau van Dijk (BvD) and its January 2020 acquisition of Regulatory DataCorp (RDC), a provider of anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC data and due diligence solutions.

Moody’s will combine AM’s real-time content aggregation and distribution infrastructure with BvD’s and RDC’s information portfolios, datasets, and analytical tools. Together, the integrated products and services will provide customers with enhanced KYC and counterparty screening and surveillance, valuable real-time context, and horizon scanning solutions.

AM will be integrated into MA’s Research, Data & Analytics line of business.

The investment was funded with cash on hand and is not expected to have a material effect on Moody’s 2020 financial results.

About: Acquire Media

Acquire Media uses advanced technology to deliver text and multimedia news with guaranteed reliability in formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. It serves the news, digital publishing and financial services communities, which depend on the speed of delivery service, reliability, a 24×7 support, plus our ability to handle multiple formats and delivery options.

Acquire Media specializes in news and other time-sensitive content – acquiring it from publishers and distributing it to corporate servers, websites and end users with near-zero latency and pinpoint filtering. Acquire Media are the industry’s most technically-sophisticated media delivery service for aggregated content.

Acquire Media provides syndication and delivery services to some of the most respected publishers in the world including world-recognized news sources, industry-specific publications, and news and content sites from around the world. In addition, it delivers news from blogs, websites, government regulatory commissions, even Twitter – over 400,000 articles a day. It enhances every article with detailed taxonomy so you get the information you need when you need it.

Source: Moody’s Analytics