Amidst the Scandal that Facebook and Cambridge Analytica supplied private information to Trump campaign, MyCreditChain, a blockchain platform for personal credit information, aims to take the ownership of personal information back to people. MyCreditChain revolutionizes the process in how personal credit information is collected and utilized. In the MyCreditChain network, our interaction with one another could change on a global scale.

MyCreditChain data collection is unique. MyCreditChain utilizes “Data Gathering Technology” to automatically collect and save information safely on the blockchain, based on the User’s ID.  “Information Consumers” pay MCC Tokens and request credit information; under the full control of the “Data-Owner”, the request is confirmed and sent to the “Information Consumer”. User can only enter their personal identification information; the credit information itself cannot modified. Because individuals sell their own information, the information is comprehensive. Futhermore, the information is immutable; therefore, the reliability of the information is absolute.

MyCreditChain democratizes accessibility to personal credit information. MyCreditChain is a Big Data blockchain containing thousands of millions of personal credit information. Anyone or any company can come into MyCreditChain network and use the data via MyCreditChain tokens.

MyCreditChain is a two-sided market that contains both personal credit data owners and vendors. Data providers can earn MCC token simply by providing their personal credit data. Before personal credit data was simply exploited and unutilized. Now through the MyCreditChain market network, financial institutions can purchase personal data directly from the owners without intermediaries and market their product directly to target audience.

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Source: CoinTelegraph