The board of directors of BIIA has appointed Neil Munroe as deputy managing director effective immediately.  Neil is a member of BIIA’s executive committee and is responsible for building up BIIA’s industry advocacy and represents BIIA in important industry forums.  

Neil has already taken on the responsibility of managing our regulatory affairs – Bi-weekly European Regulatory Reports and the Regulatory Newsletter.

He will be the liaison between BIIA and other industry associations, in particular ACCIS, CDIA, ALACRED, FEBIS, and emerging associations in the Middle East and Africa.  As a board member and deputy managing director Neil will be our primary contact with APEC FIDN, the World Bank (ICCR) and the IFC.  

Neil Munroe is the founder of CRS Insights Limited:  He comes to BIIA with 35 years’ experience in the financial services and credit reporting industries. For the last 12 years he was responsible for External Affairs and Communications at Equifax, which involved extensive customer, industry body and government liaison, monitoring regulatory and other external affairs that could influence the credit reporting industry in the UK.  Since 2009 Neil is serving as president of ACCIS, the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers.  Neil Munroe can be reached at: