Solution Expands Big Business Insight to Smaller Organizations

D&B (NYSE: DNB) introduced Hoover’s Analytics, a new product to help small businesses segment and evaluate their customers and prospects to identify new growth opportunities.  

Hoover’s Analytics enables users to integrate transactional data from customers with D&B’s database of more than 20 million U.S. business records. Using this new customer analytics product, subscribers can pinpoint optimal targets while gaining insights about their market penetration and how they stack up to the competition.

The four reports within Hoover’s Analytics enable small businesses to analyze their customer and prospect portfolios by geography, size, corporate relationship and other filters. Reports include:

  • The Industry Penetration Report categorizes customers by industry, providing a quick and easy view of the industries spending the most and which ones to target for growth.
  • The Company Map Report shows where existing customers are located geographically to easily plan customer visits, assign sales territories or target prospects in key regions.
  • The Company Opportunity Report provides a quick view of a customer’s family tree to help leverage current relationships for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. It also finds look-alike prospects based on a company’s best customer profiles.
  • The Company Segmentation Report determines the size of best customers, based on annual revenue, and summarizes market penetration, allowing target segmentation where sales has had success but a great deal of opportunity remains.

Available to US subscribers via a web-based application, Hoover’s Analytics requires no additional IT support or hardware.  Visit for more information on Hoover’s Analytics.

Source:  D&B Press Release