• DueDil TransparencyOwnership Tab gathers together corporate governance data, including ownership, shareholders and related companies
  • Feature automates time-consuming manual processes, uncovering connections linking businesses and directors

DueDil, the data intelligence company that gives businesses a platform to identify opportunities and manage risk, today launches a new feature that brings together corporate governance data and automates many time-consuming compliance processes.

The new Ownership Tab acts as a central hub for understanding the governance of a company. Information on a company’s ultimate ownership, directorships, and portfolio companies is all provided in one place.

The feature also automates the process of identifying related companies, uncovering links and associations that were not previously clear and saving valuable time and effort for compliance and know-your-customer (KYC) teams.

DueDil customers, including Invoice Cycle, a leading online lender that helps businesses grow quickly and efficiently, said they were looking forward to using the new compliance tab feature. Gideon Shaw, CEO at Invoice Cycle, said: “DueDil already helps us with our compliance process by providing the information we need to onboard customers quickly and effectively. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve refined the tool further so that we can get even more out of the product.”

Without the need for lengthy background research, the Ownership Tab makes immediately clear, in one place:

  • Company portfolios, including minority positions and ownership percentages
  • Directorship and shareholder information
  • Possible related companies (including the degree of confidence that the companies are related)

Source:  DueDil Press Release