Pan Asian Exchange, a new online B2B marketplace in Asia, was launched on September 22. The platform offers business buyers and suppliers customs clearance help, logistics, regulatory and financial service support across seven countries in Asia – the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Macao. The Pan Asian Exchange, or PAE, connects more than 4,000 small and medium-sized businesses, including extremely small ones called micro-businesses, with thousands of global buyers.

The B2B platform is an initiative of the Pan Asia E-Commerce Alliance, or PAA, a group composed of 11 companies that provide such services as customs clearance, logistics, regulatory advice and financial assistance in each of the respective countries. The PAA has an existing customer base of more than 340,000 businesses that it hopes to turn into users for the new cross-border e-marketplace.

Buyers on can search through products from some 40 categories ranging from agriculture and apparel to construction and real estate. Shoppers can also sort sellers by region and name of company, and create a “favorites” list of companies they want to follow for new inventory placed on the site. The site also offers a section where sellers can place excess merchandise for sale. Buyers can pay and also request a quote through the password protected online portal.

Source: B2B E-Commerce