2021 Revenue Bounced Back for the Largest Corporations

The year 2020 was a tough one globally as the effect of COVID-19 shook the world in so many ways. Looking at the big global business picture, we saw entire industries gutted (like airlines), the work environment shifted largely to home and overall spending + revenue take a hit.

With 2021 corporate revenue reports being analyzed, we see how last year bounced back in many ways – not yet back to pre-pandemic level but strong. 

To illustrate these wild gyrations, we pulled data from 2018 to the most recent 2021 results for two industry segments plus the Global 5000 companies overall. 

For all the Global 5000 companies, revenue grew by 10% in 2018, then 3% in 2019 followed by a drop of 5% in 2020 and then came roaring back with 16% growth in 2021. As we’ve seen repeatedly in the press — the economy is booming and oil prices exploded

Next, take a look at revenue for airline companies in the Global 5000. They saw growth of 9% in 2018, 4% in 2019 and then a collapse of 58% in 2020. Last year, revenue bounced back at a 47% rate. Crazy !

Another area that experienced a similar ride are the companies in the hotel/travel/entertainment segment where 2018 revenue growth was 6.5%, then 9% in 2019, then a 33% collapse for 2020 and last year it grew back with 19% growth.

A good example of a company in this group the is Seaworld. Take a look at the last 5 years of revenue for them:
2017 = $1.63 billion
2018 = $1.372
2019 = $1.398
2020 = $431 million
2021 = $1.503

How do you plan around that?
If you are a sales rep with Seaworld in your account base and in your quota — how do you recover?

Q1 Database Updates
We have completed Q1 updates – you can see the details on this summary article on the web site. Over 900 company records were updated during Q1. There were a number of big company additions to the database as well as some that went away due to mergers/acquisitions.

As always, thank you for your continued interest and support of the Global 5000 database. Please reach out with any questions about the database or the company research.

Harry Henry