Dr. Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence and a director of BIIA was a moderator at the recent BIIA Business Information Forum 2011 in Hong Kong.   Attached is an excerpt of his comments and observations.  Dr. Kuehl raised three key issues debated at the BIIA Forum 2011:

Completeness and reliability of data: This is the constant struggle as those who are in the business of issuing credit are never given all the information they really need to make the most informed decisions. This problem gets worse and worse when the size of the business is small.

Information pooling between lenders and credit grantors:  The International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) and other international organizations take the position that data should be as widely available as possible and they advocate complete and open sharing – no silos.

The aspect of privacy as it relates to a business owner who’s data is already in the public domain but privacy advocates want to treat a business person as a private individual.  That goes against the notion of transparency in credit transactions.

To read the full commentary click on the attachment:  Dr Chris Kuehl The Challenges of Business Information