team_davidWorlockDavid Worlock, BIIA’s Chairman moderated the session for “New and innovative business models in specialist media”.  Amongst the panelist was Damian Kimmelman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of DueDil, speaking about building a technology-driven, UX-focused subscription data business.  DueDil is a member of BIIA.

David Worlock commented on this event in his recent blog ‘Realism and Re-invention” mentioning specifically Damian Kimmelman’s message.  Here is what David Worlock had to say about Damian Kimmelman re-inventing the credit and company information market:

“… Damian Kimmelman, CEO, DueDil, is the entrepreneur re-inventing the credit and company information market. DueDil (, at launch, drove straight at the heart of the UK’s duopolistic credit and business information companies by offering core government-derived (Companies House) information for …free.  Even now, less than 10% of his million or so registered users pay anything.  So, the Financial Times and others are saying how does he monetize the community he has created?  What happens next?

In what followed Mr Kimmelman reminded me strangely of what I had heard earlier in the day just as vaguely hinted at by Andrew Miller of the Guardian Media Group. we began to think about the meaning of a network of users.  About the potential for user generated content and what people might share with each other.  About the fact that these markets had always existed by sharing trading information between each other, and that the free was the glue in an extended dialogue.  So perhaps the future here lay, as did the Guardian’s, in some form of membership organization.  All of a sudden we were leaving the world of Dun & Bradstreet and Experian far behind and heading for a world far more familiar to re-invention …”

To read the full blog click on this link:  Realism and Re-invention