The Smallest Database on the World’s Largest Corporation continues to update its database on a regular basis throughout the year – most of the 2019 revenues are now posted. We are working on March fiscal year ends as those reports have just started coming out. Over 117 new companies added so far this year. With a turbulent revenue year expected by the time we close 2020, a lot more volatility is a sure bet. Each month I post updates of activity during the month.  You can follow them here like this example for May.

One interesting metric that gets asked regularly are the number of Global 5000 companies in the US vs China.  Currently the count of US companies is 1,968 with China having 510.

The Fortune 1000 list for 2020 has been published and is now matched to our Global 5000 database – they publish in the Spring. As a reminder, that list is US companies only and only public companies. We regularly match to a number of other lists as well – please reach out if you have questions about other popular, published lists.

Harry Henry writes: “COVID-19 has taken over life and the economic hit has been jarring. We will see some big revenue impacts. hits.  Amazon is now #2 on that Fortune 500 list and they have been growing rapidly in this environment. But others like the airlines, cruise lines and physical retail will shrink.   We have written articles on some of the industries facing unprecedented challenges – you can check out the data on Real Estate, Retail  and the airline industry.

We have seen a number of bankruptcies in the past few months including Neiman Marcus, J Crew, JC Penny, Hertz and Latam Airlines. In most cases COVID-19 accelerated the problems that had existed in these businesses prior to 2020. This continuing trail of events means that the database must be continually updated – something that does not usually happen within a corporate CRM system.”

Source:  The Global 5000