As mid-year approaches,  Global 5000 are pleased to provide you with the latest update and info on the state of the Global 5000 database.
In this update we are highlighting some of the interesting questions we receive and data points people have asked us about. A summary of these provide a good overview of the Global 5000 companies.

  • With the growth of China’s economy over the past few years, what is the breakdown of Chinese based companies vs US companies in the Global 5000?
    • in 2016, USA was home to 1,973 while China had 523 Global 5000 companies
    • Today USA has 1,930 with China home to 551
  • The two countries together have slightly fewer Global 5000 companies today than they did 5 years ago.
  • There are 1,098 private companies (22%) in the Global 5000 compared to 3,902 publicly listed firms
  • Employees — the companies in the Global 5000 employ more than 164 million people. 3,756 companies have more than 5,000 employees as we would expect with all the largest firms in the world.
    • It is interesting to look at those businesses in the Global 5000 that have less than 5,000 employees. We find construction companies that tend to use a lot of sub-contractors rather than employees.
    • REITs which are really investment managers and a number of small Oil & Gas exploration companies.
  • Revenues – there are 62 companies with $100 billion in revenue. Walmart is the largest with $559 billion.  At the other end, the smallest companies have annual revenue of $1 billion annually.
  • Target Market – we also keep track of the markets for company products. 2,651 (53%) of the Global 5000 companies are primarily focused on B2B markets while 2,349 are primarily Business to Consumer oriented.

This month, Fortune published the annual Fortune 500 – a listing of the largest public companies based in the US. With 2020 revenues suffering during the pandemic, we took a look at how much it affected that listing so we did a little comparison.

  • for 2020, #240 on the Fortune list is Illinois Tool Works with revenue of $12,574 million
  • In 2019, #240 was Core-Mark Holding Company with $16,670 million in revenue
  • That’s a decrease of almost 25% – remarkable!

The Global 5000 set of companies represent an opportunity for data enhancement / enrichment where you can match your B2B company database to the Global 5000 and add an indicator to your internal data records. This enables your teams to flag those companies that are the ‘big guys’ and handle them with the appropriate sales and marketing resources.

There are approximately 5,000 companies in the world with $1 billion + in annual revenue — and that’s the real focus of the Global 5000. We continue searching for companies with $1 billion to be included and chase down research avenues to match and include those firms in our database.

Thank you for your interest in the Global 5000 database and for your continued support. We appreciate your feedback and input on the database projects. If you would like to see a set of sample records from the database to see what data fields we collect and update — click here.

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