Nielsen 2 downloadNielsen announced that it has completed its acquisition of Pointlogic, a global leader in marketing decision support systems that improve precision and allocation through innovative software. With clients in over 100 countries, Pointlogic software is integral to the media planning functions of agencies, media owners and advertisers.

The acquisition of Pointlogic further extends Nielsen’s data and planning assets across its Watch and Buy divisions, and advances the adoption of Nielsen Total Audience data, including Digital/Total Ad Ratings and Digital/Total Content Ratings around the world. Among the benefits for Pointlogic, the acquisition provides the opportunity to strengthen and better leverage the company’s product portfolio, which includes Bizpoint, Brandpoint, Commspoint, Pinpoint and Valuepoint.

Nielsen and Pointlogic formed a strategic alliance in 2014 to co-develop Nielsen Media Impact, an innovative tool using best-in-class media measurement, and advanced analytics that enable clients to predict the Impact of their plans on sales and brand equity before committing investments. Nielsen Media Impact delivers integrated Reach, Resonance and Reaction data in a single platform, helping clients improve their marketing effectiveness with easy to use software.

Nielsen Media Impact launched in the U.S. and Italy in 2015 and will expand to more than eight countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America over the next year.

Pointlogic offers innovative marketing decision support software for brands, media/creative agencies and media owners. Pointlogic is a Dutch company with its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From their Dutch office and their local offices in Brazil, the US, the UK and Singapore, Pointlogic services clients in more than 100 countries. The products and services include software, analytics and research for strategic communication planning, Total Audience planning as well as marketing and media performance evaluation.