Two Industry Leaders Deepen their Relationship with the Intent to Combine Signature Offline and Online Assets for Best in Class Ad Campaign Measurement

Nielsen and Experian Marketing Services announced a collaboration to go beyond Nielsen’s established demographics in reporting online advertising audiences.  Currently, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ reports on the basis of age, gender and designated market area. This effort will enable Nielsen to explore extending the solution to report campaign audience by additional demographic and lifestyle segments, such as estimated household income range, family size and education level.

From click-through rates and impressions as the primary online metrics just two years ago, the digital ad industry has evolved quickly with the emergence of TV-comparable, audience-driven reach metrics delivered through Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.  The Nielsen and Experian Marketing Services collaboration represents the next stage in the evolution of audience-based buying while complementing traditional demo-based buying and selling. This next phase enables advertisers and publishers to measure specific aggregated audience attributes and behaviors in more detail. The additional audience characteristics are comparable to metrics available for TV, creating greater measurement parity between media channels.

The enhanced Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings offering in development is slated to begin beta testing this fall, with release anticipated in 2014.  The Nielsen and Experian Marketing Services collaboration also paves the way for additional demographic data to be integrated into Nielsen Digital Program Ratings, which measures online content, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings™, which measures the reach of ad campaigns uniquely on TV and online as well as together.

Experian Marketing Services has been a trusted industry choice, helping online advertisers achieve their marketing goals. Many of the world’s largest advertisers use its data and linkage solutions, predictive analytics, and expert ad operations to create, test and reach online audiences.   In the US alone, its database reaches 98 percent of the US market, covering more than 299 million U.S. consumers and 110 million U.S. households, with more than 3,500 known attributes.

This agreement further strengthens a longstanding relationship between Nielsen and Experian Marketing Services.  

Source: Nielsen / Experian Press Release