Nielsen  2 downloadNielsen and Japanese researcher INTAGE are forming a joint venture company called Nielsen-INTAGE DigtalMetrics, to develop cross-platform ad effectiveness solutions.  The new firm will be officially launched on 1st April.

The new venture will combine the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings solution and INTAGE’s i-ssp consumer panel data. Users in Japan will be able to analyze consumers by segments such as brand ownership, purchase intent, lifestyle, residential area, age and gender, and analyse the impact of online advertising on purchase behavior and brand switching.

Toshihiro Fukutoku, who serves as MD of Nielsen Japan and is a director of the JV, says the JV is ‘an exciting step for the future of consumer insights around cross-platform media consumption and purchase behavior.’ He adds: ‘We are thrilled to be working alongside INTAGE to help our clients gain the greatest understanding of consumer behavior and online advertising effectiveness.’

About:  Since 1960, the INTAGE Group has been a pioneer and leader in the field of marketing research in Asia. We create globally unique and innovative business models that combine marketing know-how with IT solutions.   INTAGE is the largest market researcher in Japan in terms of sales, number of employees, and scale of operations.  Proven marketing research fundamentals, advanced solutions technology, and forefront tools in IT have earned the deep trust of clients from Japan and around the world. The marketing data provided by the INTAGE Group is the de facto standard used in numerous industries in Japan. INTAGE provides indispensable data for clients’ management teams as they make decisions and design competitive strategies.