Veda_mainlogo_hi290 x 122Nielsen downloadNielsen & Veda Deliver Advertisers Powerful Consumer Knowledge and Robust Engagement Tools.  Clients to get new predictive consumer insights

In the past, advertisers could only identify and track marketing strategies against their own targets and not the market. Also, these metrics didn’t take into account the real size of spend and were hard to customise. Today Nielsen, a global performance management company and Veda, a leading provider of data and analytics in Australia and New Zealand, announce a unique solution to resolve this challenge.

This new alliance provides a step-change for advertisers. For the first time, marketers are be able to understand and segment Australian households based on validated actual financial characteristics, overlaid with consumer behaviours and attitudes alongside actual media consumption.

This relationship utilises Veda’s rich demographic, behavioural and lifestyle profiles drawn from 16 million Australian consumers. The information has been specifically developed for business to consumer marketing and analytics. It comprises over 40 descriptive and predictive attributes, such as propensity to be in the market for home loans, credit cards or personal loans.

This financial information has been combined with existing consumer attitudes and real media currency data – providing big benefits for advertisers. The combined data sets are integrated straightaway – meaning it’s fast and actionable.

Advertisers are able to plan and act with speed; identify what motivates consumers and how they interact with different brands and media. It shows which websites target consumers are visiting, the television programs they are watching and what they are reading or listening to. Early studies have also shown that the solution has immense predictive capabilities – a holy grail for sales and marketing executives.

In parallel to planning, advertisers can develop and activate segmentation; connecting with customers and prospects through Veda’s extensive consumer data assets. This allows them to better reach consumers through digital and direct marketing channels, aligning with internal CRM capabilities.


Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View offers a treasure chest of insights about consumers and what makes them tick. Its comprehensive coverage genuinely gives a 360 degree view of the consumer across all areas of daily life. This information can be used to address business issues to help understand what motivates consumers or how they interact with different media. It can tell you exactly which websites your target consumers are visiting, the television programs they are watching, what they are reading or listening to, and this can be built into communications strategies and plans.

Source:  Veda Press Release