Nielsen 2 downloadNielsen Device Share (NDS) is compiled in collaboration with independent Chinese big data service platform TalkingData.

NDS tracks share in existing markets (devices in use) and newly activated markets (new active devices); monitors new launch performance and forecasts future share trends; and helps to understand application usage. The service will ‘mine potential customer needs’ to spot upcoming opportunities, and help clients assess their ad campaigns.

TalkingData focuses on the mobile Internet, offering services from mobile app and game analytics to mobile market intelligence, monetization and industry consulting. The company boasts 80% of the Top 50 developers in China as clients.

Nielsen says a ‘big database’ is vital to understand such an enormous and complex market, and points to TalkingData’s coverage of two billion smart devices and its co-operation with more than 80,000 app developers and 100,000 apps in the country. The service will be updated on the 10th of each month.

James Gong, Senior Director, Nielsen China says initial data from the service reveals the rapidly changing market. ‘Out of more than ten thousand smartphone models tracked by Nielsen Device Share, the top 60 models account for almost 60% of the total market share. This trend is even more pronounced in recent models. Among models launched in the first half of 2015, the top 20 occupy almost 80% of that early 2015 market. It’s clear that the importance of quickly identifying leading models, understanding key features, and innovating cutting-edge capabilities will be essential for manufacturers that hope to capture the market’.

Talking Data CEO Cui Xiaobo comments: ‘I am honored that TalkingData has established collaboration with Nielsen for Nielsen Device Share. Nielsen has the undebatable authority and objectivity on performance measurement’. 

Source: Nielsen Press Release